Thursday, May 15, 2014

Feels like kindgergarten...

For the summer, I decided to take a drawing class. Yeah, a drawing class. I haven't done this since high school- and that was a while ago. So, class started and we got to take out easels (easels?? I have never used one before!!) and set them up because we started drawing the first class. Oh boy!

So, after going over the syllabus, the teacher showed us how to hold our pencils. It's not like holding a pen or pencil to write, I would describe this more like holding a wand. And then she had us stand while drawing. Another first for me. Our first exercise was a blind contour (I think??). Anyways, we had to "draw" items that the teacher had laid out on the table without looking at our paper. 

Say what??? You don't want me to look?? How? Wha? Uhm…

So, I tried. I kept running off the paper, which is rather amusing. The hand-eye coordination is certainly not there. When we were done, I had ummm, I suppose it was a drawing? Anyways, it was interesting. Basically, mine looked like a mess. I was seriously impressed that some of the kids in the class actually managed to make it look like what was on the table. Maybe they looked? Maybe not? I don't know. 

After that, we got to draw the same thing, but this time we were able to look. It came out much better, but again, there is a certain childish look to mine. I lack the coordination. I try to get the pencil to do one thing, but I don't necessarily succeed. I guess that is part of the process! 

And finally the items were switched and we then practiced framing our drawings and seeing what came of it. All in all, interesting. And fun! I'm just letting it go, not trying to get it perfect but just get into the movement of drawing and moving and just having fun with it.